Online safety is a very serious issue. It can protect you and your family if you conduct yourself correctly. You can search and purchase items on the internet worry free. But have caution and avoid suspicious emails, messages, and websites. Much more can be compromised than you thought possible.
          First of all, don't give anybody your personal information during any kind of online interaction. Have a security or virus protection program on your computer and keep it updated. Beware of online scams, they can take your money when you think you are donating. Also, use common sense when using the web. Identity thieves and hackers prey on the gullible and uninformed.         


          Everyone must get to sleep,
        close your eyes if just to dream,
        Space out just to escape,
        or to power up for your day-to-day.

        Close your eyes for peace and quiet,
        sleep is part of a healthy diet.
        You need to sleep to gain some power,
        so here's

          There are many people that are considered innovative in their specific fields. Whether in science, math, technology, philosophy, or in athletics. We consider these people to be above average, great, or just plain weird. People such as Steve Jobs in technology, Charles Darwin in science, Albert Einstein in math, Confucius in philosophy, and Don Coryell in football. These people have shaped our modern age.
          To be innovative means you have to have an original idea that will change peoples' lives. You have to be willing to be different. You may be looked down upon by your peers. Everything will be made more difficult by doubters. But you have to drop your shoulder, get tough, and then you will change the world.

Podcasting is a very simple thing, but is made hard by not being thought out or not being organized. To first start podcasting, you will have to acquire something to edit with, like Garage Band. Then choose your topic and a partner or group to help you with the process. After you have completed these steps, begin writing your pod cast. When you have completed your draft, begin the editing process.

After you and your group have finished recording your draft, begin the electronic editing process. Check for unwanted material, extra noise and things the recorder accidentally picks up. But before you record, you must have an outline and a script that is edited for spelling and accuracy. At the conclusion of the podcasting process, make sure it says what you want. Click on the video below for more tips.

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    Today in class, we read two stories about prison camps. One was based here, and the other was based in Germany. The one based in the U.S. was a short story about a Japanese family's journey to a prison camp during World War Two. It was told by  a little girl during the first few days there. 
    The story written about the nazi prison camp was written not very long ago. It is about a fifteen year old girl on a trip to a concentration camp in Germany. At first she was sad and depressed by the history of the place. Then, she felt extremely depressed and started to cry. She had an epiphany about the death and destruction that happened there and was overwhelmed. Both stories were very depressing and created a sence of despair.

Argumentative essays are exactly what the name implies, an argument. These essays are like expository essays, except that they require a lot more planning and attention to detail. It is used as a final by colleges and teachers.
The essay is to be written as a monologue about your chosen subject. In depth research is necessary to fully complete your argument. It is a difficult piece to write because of its size and demand your full attention to detail. However, it is easily written within a two week period with the right resources.


Timmy's Point of View

                Dear diary,
                                 Today, everyone has been acting really strange.  At first, I thought they were going to throw me a surprise party. By the way, I turned 10 today. During school, they told us that in the likely event of a nuclear attack from our communist enemies that we would walk quietly to the school's "fallout shelter." But all of us kids call it the the "bad room." It is really dark and scary in there. They told us that if we see an explosion to run to the shelter.