There are many people that are considered innovative in their specific fields. Whether in science, math, technology, philosophy, or in athletics. We consider these people to be above average, great, or just plain weird. People such as Steve Jobs in technology, Charles Darwin in science, Albert Einstein in math, Confucius in philosophy, and Don Coryell in football. These people have shaped our modern age.
          To be innovative means you have to have an original idea that will change peoples' lives. You have to be willing to be different. You may be looked down upon by your peers. Everything will be made more difficult by doubters. But you have to drop your shoulder, get tough, and then you will change the world.


04/24/2013 12:38pm

Chance i agree with you on your idea of innovation. You have great ideas about innovative people in history. Innovative people through history have faced hate for their ideas. What's important is that they stuck out through it and proved everyone wrong.


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