Online safety is a very serious issue. It can protect you and your family if you conduct yourself correctly. You can search and purchase items on the internet worry free. But have caution and avoid suspicious emails, messages, and websites. Much more can be compromised than you thought possible.
          First of all, don't give anybody your personal information during any kind of online interaction. Have a security or virus protection program on your computer and keep it updated. Beware of online scams, they can take your money when you think you are donating. Also, use common sense when using the web. Identity thieves and hackers prey on the gullible and uninformed.         


05/07/2013 7:39pm

You made a very good point by mentioning the "gullible and uninformed." That is one of the biggest problems, people not knowing the risks and people thinking that it is just a computer and no one behind the screen can actually harm them.
Unfortunately and judging by the messed up stuff that happens in this world they are dead wrong...


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