Podcasting is a very simple thing, but is made hard by not being thought out or not being organized. To first start podcasting, you will have to acquire something to edit with, like Garage Band. Then choose your topic and a partner or group to help you with the process. After you have completed these steps, begin writing your pod cast. When you have completed your draft, begin the editing process.

After you and your group have finished recording your draft, begin the electronic editing process. Check for unwanted material, extra noise and things the recorder accidentally picks up. But before you record, you must have an outline and a script that is edited for spelling and accuracy. At the conclusion of the podcasting process, make sure it says what you want. Click on the video below for more tips.

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03/21/2013 12:54pm

What up foo.

04/10/2013 4:45pm

I agree with you Chance, podcasting is not a hard thing to do. You just need to know exactly what you are going to say and say it. People just need to be organized and not rush when they talk and then everything is good.


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